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Save Time and Money By Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

Rolling your own cigarettes is fast and easy, and rolling your own saves money. Shop Sears for all the products you need to make your own cigarettes.

Portable and lightweight, cigarette machines make it easy to roll your own cigarettes. Sears has a great selection of electric cigarette machines made by U.S.A. Seller. Most machines can adjust to different cigarette lengths. You can roll a pack of king size and then make 100s with the flick of a lever. The injection process is automatic, making it easy to fill a cigarette. You will be making perfect cigarettes in a matter of minutes. U.S.A. Seller makes a variety of machines that roll from one to four cigarettes at a time.

Cigarette machines require tobacco papers, also called cigarette tubes. Tubes are empty cigarettes with a filter. The filters are flavored, and you can buy tubes in regular or menthol. Cigarette tubes attach easily to the end of the machine, and the machine fills the tube with tobacco. Hand grinders made by Instapark are available for fine-tuning the cut of your tobacco.

You need loose tobacco to make your own cigarettes. The tobacco stays fresh in resealable bags or cans. A 6-ounce bag of tobacco makes about 200 cigarettes. You can also use loose tobacco in pipes. Sears has smoking pipes made by Dr. Graybow.

Shop Sears for all your smoking accessories. Sears has lighters made by Zippo and Bic. Zippo lighters are durable and dependable, and they will light in strong wind. Made of metal, a Zippo lighter will last a lifetime, and they are the perfect engraved gift. Disposable Bic lighters are convenient and inexpensive. Sears has Bic lighters in multi-packs, or you can buy them by the case. Sears also offers cigarette cases for all cigarette lengths.

It's easy to roll your own cigarettes. You can roll a pack in minutes, and the savings add up quickly. Shop Sears today for the best cigarette machines and all the products you need to roll your own.