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Prepare Delicious Asian Cuisine for your Family

Provide your family with diversity by picking up Asian cuisine groceries from Sears. They offer noodles, rice, chutney, sauces and sea vegetables for use in a variety of Asian dishes. Pick up all the ingredients you need to make delectable meals for your family.

Spice up your entrees with oriental chutney, which contains delicious blends of herbs and seasonings. Elizabeth Pantry offers hot and spicy chutney in re-sealable jars for use in multiple recipes. Find ingredients you love, such as red peppers, chilies, onions, apricots, peaches and tomatoes. Chutney makes great condiments to add kick to many dishes.

Prepare Asian noodle meals with the groceries from Eden Foods. Choose from soba and udon noodles to select your desired thickness. Mix your favorite sauces using Eden Foods' wheat-free soy sauce that contains organic soybeans. This brand's products are perfect for preparing authentic Japanese meals.

Since many Asian dishes require rice, get the perfect consistency with the products from Lundberg Farms. They grow their rice specifically for use in sushi rolls, so you'll get the right sticky texture. Use their rice as a side dish to complement any of your Asian recipes.

Sears offers many sea vegetables from Emerald Cove. Their nori sheets are perfect for making sushi. For soups and seaweed salad, try out their wakame, kombu and arame. These sea vegetables contain many nutrients that are beneficial to your health and digestion.

Prepare Asian dishes at home with the groceries available at Sears. Shop today to find traditional noodles, rice, sauces and sea vegetables to cook delicious and healthy meals for your family.