Home & Appliances Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 14 1/8 " NTNT-A108

Home & Appliances Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 14 1/8 " NTNT-A108

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This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you are unsure about compatibility please email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING.R1210, R1214, R1214FR1405, R1406R1500, R1501, R1502, R1505R1506, R1511, R1512, R1514R401CK, R401CW, R401CWL, R401FK, R401FWR402FW, R402JK, R402JW, R402HW, R402HWFR403HW, R403HWF, R403JK, R403KK, R403KKT, R404FK, R404JKR405BK, R405CK, R405DK, R405HK, R405HKFR405HW, R405JW, R405KS, R408AW, R408CW, R408DWR408EW, R408HS, R408JK, R408JWF, R408LSR409AK, R409AKB, R409AKD, R409AKE, R409AKFR409AKG, R409CK, R409EW, R409HK, R409JSR410AK, R410AKB, R410AW, R410BK, R410BWR410CK, R410CKF, R410CW, R410DK, R410DWR410DWC, R410EK, R410EW, R410FK, R410FWR410HK, R410HKF, R410HW, R410LKR412AK, R414HS, R415EW, R419CKR420AK,R420AW, R420BK, R420BW, R420CKR420CW, R420DK, R420DW, R420EK, R425EW, R425LSR426HK, R426HQ, R426HS, R426HSF, R426HW, R426LSR428JK, R428JW, R430AD, R430AK, R430AWR430BD, R430BK, R430BW, R430CD, R430CKR430CS,R430CW, R430DK, R430DQ, R430DWR430EK, R430EW, R440DK, R440DW, R490AK, R490AWR4A05, R4A12, R4A22, R4A38, R4A43, R4A46R4A47, R4A48, R4A52, R4A53 R4A53B, R4A54R4A54B, R4A56, R4A56B, R4A56D, R4A57, R4A58R4A72, R4A72A, R4A73, R4A74, R4A75, R4A76R4A77, R4A78, R4A78BR4A82, R4A83, R4A84, R4A85, R4A86, R4A86BR4A87, R4A88, R4A92, R4A93, R4A94, R4A95R4A96, R4A97, R4A98, R4B82, R4B97R4H07, R4H17, R4H82, R4H84, R4H85, R4H88, R4H96R4K12, R4K52, R4K53, R4K82, R4K83R4W38, R4X06, R4X84

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