Handi-Shim Heavy Duty Reusable Plastic Construction Shims for Spacing, Leveling, Plumbing and more - 100 Piece Assorted Pack (4 sizes)

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From the Manufacturer Handi-Shims are innovatively-designed, precision-made, plastic shims. They are simply the best shims available anywhere and actually cost less than the inferior wooden wedges that contractors and do-it-yourselfers have put up with for years. They are produced in four color-coded thicknesses (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 Inch) so that they can be used, singly or in combination, in the most exacting of conditions. Unlike wedges, Handi-Shims have flat tops and flat bottoms, enabling them to provide solid support and do consistent shimming in all applications. And you only have to use one to get the strong, flat base that would require two overlapping wedges. Made of plastic, Handi-Shims are a huge improvement on the old wooden shingle. They resist compression, they do not rot, they can be manufactured to very high tolerances, and they are reusable in many applications. Those strict manufacturing tolerances enable Handi-Shims to be used by the most demanding contractors for shimming, plumbing, spacing, and measuring in carpentry, tile work, masonry, and virtually every other building trade. They are scored so that they can be conveniently cut into smaller pieces for tighter spaces. They can even be easily secured to a surface using a pre-drilled screw hole without the time-consuming on-site drilling or the annoying splintering of the old wooden shim. They are packaged in single-size or assorted-size packages in quantities of 40, 100, and 1,000. You pick the package that's right for you. They have been independently tested and have proven themselves to be that classic better mousetrap. This pack includes 25 Green 1/32-Inch, 25 Red 1/16-Inch, 25 White 1/8-Inch, 25 Blue 1/4-Inch Plastic Construction Shims / Spacers.

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