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Stock your home, vehicle and workspace with first aid supplies

Reduce joint pain, soothe muscle aches or cover open wounds using first aid supplies. Protect minor wounds until they're fully healed with the right first aid equipment. Start by using cotton balls or swabs to clean the wound before gently applying antiseptics. A layer of antibiotic cream helps fight bacteria. Depending on the size and location of the cut, you can cover it with a standard bandage or non-stick gauze while medical adhesives and tapes hold them securely in place.

Combat muscle and joint pain using wraps, supports and other daily living aids. Slip a sore elbow or knee into a tubular stretch bandage for added support around the joint. These flexible bandages fit comfortably around arms and legs for optimum mobility. Facial compression and chin support bandages are also available to help reduce muscle strain around the face, head and neck. Neck support pillows help you sleep more soundly overnight.

Alleviate sore muscles with hot and cold therapy. A heating pad encased in soft material delivers soothing warmth to stiff or cramped muscles, and warming cream provides comfort on the go. To mitigate swelling, try placing an ice pack over the affected area. No matter what you need, find the first aid supplies and at-home health monitoring products at Sears.