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Memory Foam Shop

Sink into cozy memory foam bedding and bath products

Make your home more relaxing with memory foam bedding and bath products. Rather than replacing your entire mattress to enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep, add a memory foam mattress pad and some soft, new sheets from Sears. Mattress toppers are available for any size bed, from twin to California king. Choose from latex, gel and foam pads that spring back into shape whenever you change position. After removing the pad from the box, allow it to expand to its full size before slipping it into the zippered, washable cover.

Complete your memory foam bedding collection with memory foam pillows. If you tend to feel hot at night, choose pillows featuring a layer of cooling gel or light, fluffy down. Contoured pillows that provide neck support are ideal for side sleepers. For back sleepers, explore a variety of standard and wedge shape pillows.

When you step into the bathroom to start your morning routine, keep the comfort going with memory foam bath products. Place memory foam rugs in front of the bathroom sink and tub for incredible softness and warmth. The plush surface feels delightful while the non-slip bottom keeps the mat securely underfoot. Foam bath mats come in a variety of colors to complement your bath towels. Create a luxurious environment for you and your family to enjoy with memory foam bedding and bath mats from Sears.