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Make Every Bedroom Stylish and Comfy with Bed Sheets from Sears

Switching bed sheets is not only important for decorating, but it's also essential for keeping you cozy every season. Sears carries sheet sets for every season. When there's frost on the windows, envelop yourself in heavy, rich, sateen sheets. Keep guests cozy during winter holidays by making the bed in guest rooms with sateen or flannel sheets. Choose thick textiles for cold weather and keep friends and family warm all winter long. No matter which bedroom needs new sheets, top them with a soft comforter for relaxing softness and added warmth.

When temperatures fluctuate in spring and fall, make your bed with Egyptian cotton sheets. They won't overwhelm you on hot days like thicker fabrics. On cool days, they lock in heat when layered with a light coverlet. Bamboo and microfiber options are also comfortable during cool weather and benefit immensely from layering with blankets and throws. Stay consistently warm in spring and fall with medium-weight sheet sets.

Hot summer weather calls for the lightest fabrics. Thin rayon sheets that mimic the look and feel of satin let the breeze from open windows or AC slip through the fibers. Sleep comfortably all year long with cozy and stylish bed sheets from Sears.