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Personal Care

Look and feel great with personal care items

Personal care items allow you to look your best for work or socializing and to pamper yourself when you have some downtime. You can create your favorite looks each day with hair styling tools from top brands like Revlon, Conair and Sassoon. Besides hair dryers, we have a nice selection of curling irons and straighteners with the features you're looking for. Managing the length of your hair is easy with clippers and accessories for cutting and trimming. Some of the trimmers feature rechargeable batteries for cordless convenience. Our selection of personal care items cover more than just grooming. Massage equipment soothes sore and tired muscles and gives you the pleasure of deep relaxation. We have handheld massagers, cushion-style models for chairs and mat massagers you can stretch out on for a head to toe massage. Bathrobes, bathroom scales and shavers are just a few more personal care items from Sears.

Applying makeup is another aspect of looking your best. You'll find the tools you need in our large selection of beauty accessories. Makeup brushes from Colorscience and Eminence Organics include those for concealer, foundation and eye shadow in a range of sizes and shapes. Magnifying mirrors help you get the details perfect. Some of them come with built-in lighting, and they're available in an attractive array of styles and finishes. Keeping your makeup organized is easy with one of our fashionable cosmetic bags in various sizes for your convenience. Cotton balls and makeup remover from Sears are a favorite combination for removing makeup at the end of the day.

You'll look your best when you feel great, and we have a range of wellness products for that purpose. Spa accessories like foot baths, light therapy lamps and aromatherapy machines soothe and relax you in the comfort of your own home. Heat therapy with heating pads, heated wraps or hot water bottles can bring pain relief and comfort. You'll enjoy lounging in a spa robe made with rich cotton fabric, silk blends or silky-smooth microfiber weaves. We even have a rich assortment of spa gift sets you can use to share the comfort.

Sometimes taking care of yourself means treating symptoms of colds, indigestion or allergies. Sears has all your preferred OTC brands including Tylenol, Zantac and Mucinex. Pill cases organize your medications and remind you when to take them. Lip balms from Burt's Bees and Savex prevent the discomforts of chapping or cracking. Sears has all of the medicine cabinet supplies you need including itch relief, nausea relief and sleep aids.

Taking care of yourself, from hair to makeup to health, is easier when you shop at Sears. We have all your favorite products at prices you'll love. Choose the best possible you with personal care products of all kinds from Sears.