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Infuse any Room with Delightful Aromas using Home Fragrances

Enjoy fresh, clean-smelling air throughout your home with new home fragrances. From scented candles, diffusers and oils to odor-neutralizing room sprays, Sears has air-freshening products to suit any space. Whether you're having guests over or simply relaxing after a long day, create an inviting atmosphere using home fragrances.

Add a decorative touch while infusing the air with pleasant scents using candles. For a custom look, pick out individual candles and candle holders separately. If you prefer a more coordinated appearance, consider a set of matching candles that are designed to go together. Create a gorgeous dining room centerpiece by arranging a candle holder set on a decorative tray Instantly deodorize and refresh your space with room sprays. Most room sprays are formulated to neutralize and mask odors on contact. Use fragrant sprays to rid your home of pet odors, stale-smelling air and other unpleasant scents.

In small personal areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, diffusers and fragrance oils are ideal. These home fragrances use either heat or evaporation to release soothing scents into the air. Closet fresheners are also available for targeting small spaces like drawers and shelves. Hang a woodsy smelling piece of cedar on a decorative wall hook in the bedroom closet or place a scented sachet discreetly on a shelf in the linen closet. Freshen up rooms, closets and more with new home fragrances from Sears.