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Window Treatments & Hardware


Decorate your home with stylish window coverings

Nothing attracts attention in your home like fashionable window treatments. As an architectural element that frames your home's sources of natural light, windows are eye-catching focal points. Make sure that your windows are worth the attention with chic window coverings from Sears. Enjoy choosing from a quality collection that includes everything that you need to create a stylish window, from drapes and panels, blinds and shades to tie-backs and valances and scarves. Don't forget the window hardware!

When it comes to choosing the ideal window covering, function is as important as style. Black-out curtains and shades in a bedroom enhance your privacy and provide a darkened environment that's conducive to a sound sleep. Honeycomb and cellular shades have insulator properties that help keep you comfortable the year round. From eco-friendly bamboo blinds to flame-retardant nursery curtains, a broad selection of colors, materials and styles makes it easy to marry fashion with functionality.

Our collection of window coverings offers opportunities to define and enhance your home's decorative style. Whether it's contemporary living room curtains in a bold graphic design or tiers of ruffled cafe curtains for a traditional kitchen, harmonize your window and wall decor with your home's overall aesthetic design. Window treatments that make a strong style statement can stand alone as a central focal point or can provide visual balance for other wall accents like paintings and wall tapestries. Stylish window coverings let you create handsome interior views for every room in your home.  Soften your view with sheer and lace panels.

When you want to make the most of exterior views, blinds offer an abundance of options. Our collection features blinds available in a wide range of slat sizes, colors and materials to ensure the perfect selection. Whether it's wood blinds for a natural look or pleated Roman shades for soft and textured style, you'll find ready-made products as well as custom-order solutions to dress up your windows. From coverings for every size and window shape to stylish and functional wall shelving, count on Sears to keep your walls and windows looking fashionable and chic.

To ensure that you find the ideal curtain, blind or shade for every window in your home, free swatches and sample are available for many of the window coverings offered here at Sears. Whether you're searching for a window treatment to showcase your personal sense of style, for a functional product to enhance your privacy at home or for window hardware to give your current window treatments a fresh new look, trust Sears to meet of all of your window covering needs.