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Transform your Nursery into a Haven of Comfort and Safety with the Delightful Collection of Baby Furniture from Sears.

Create the perfect nursery sanctuary with charming and practical furniture pieces designed for your little one's comfort and safety. Baby cribs offer a secure and cozy space for your baby to rest and sleep peacefully. Add a touch of relaxation and soothing motion with baby rockers, perfect for those precious bonding moments. Ensure a safe and cozy haven for your newborn during the early months with bassinets and cradles. Discover a wide range of meticulously designed nursery furniture at Sears to cater to your little one's needs.

Create a Serene and Nurturing Space for Your Baby's Optimal Development

Cribs play a crucial role in supporting your baby's developmental journey. Convertible cribs adapt as your child grows, providing long-lasting value. Cribs with changing tables combine two essential pieces into one. If you're looking for flexibility and mobility, portable cribs are designed for easy transport and storage, perfect for families on the go. Mini cribs are ideal for smaller spaces without compromising on comfort. Check out the BabyJoy 5-in-1 Baby Nursery Center Foldable Toddler Bedside Crib with a music box at Sears that offer multiple functions and a delightful musical experience.

Get Baby Rockers for Optimal Comfort and Development

Baby rockers are a must-have when it comes to nurturing your baby's growth and development. Explore the added benefits of baby rocker gliders with a nursing ottoman for ultimate comfort and convenience. Rockers are designed with your comfort in mind, and generously padded for the ultimate cozy experience. One top-rated product at Sears is Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman in White with Gray Cushions. This exceptional set features a convenient ottoman with a pull-out nursing stool, providing you with a cozy spot to rest your feet while feeding your baby. When not in use, the nursing stool easily folds under the ottoman, allowing for enhanced versatility and space-saving.

Enhance Newborn Comfort and Bonding with Bassinets and Cradles in Your Nursery

Bassinets and cradles play a vital role in nursery furniture, providing a safe and comforting space for your newborn. With their smaller size and portability, bassinets and cradles allow you to keep your baby close by, promoting bonding and easier access for nighttime feedings. Additionally, bassinets and cradles are designed with features like breathable fabrics, adjustable positions, and soothing rocking or swinging motions, ensuring optimal comfort for your little one. A standout product available at Sears is the Goplus Foldable Two-Layer Baby Crib. With its sturdy steel frame, durable Oxford fabric, mesh windows, and adorable toy stars, this crib is designed to provide both safety and comfort for your little one. Its portable design makes it perfect for traveling, and the inclusion of side pockets and a convenient diaper place ensures that you can keep all your baby essentials within reach.