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Revamp Your Entryway and Hallway with Sears' Exquisite Furniture Selection

Transform your entryway and hallway into stylish and organized spaces with Sears' impressive selection of entryway and hallway furniture. Discover the perfect entryway benches that offer both seating and convenient storage for shoes and other belongings. Keep your hallway clutter-free with our versatile hallway storage solutions, including shoe racks and coat racks designed to maximize space and efficiency.

Invite guests into your home with a welcoming and organized entryway that reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer modern, rustic or traditional designs, Sears has the furniture pieces to complement your taste. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere while ensuring a tidy and well-organized space.

Make a lasting impression with a well-designed entryway - the perfect start to a beautiful home.

Size and Dimensions:

Measure the width, height and depth of your entryway or hallway. Consider doorways and existing fixtures. Choose furniture that fits within these dimensions without obstructing traffic flow. Ensure adequate clearance for taller items. Prioritize a proper fit to create a functional and uncluttered space.

Sears has an impressive collection of entryway and hallway furniture. For example, Prepac Espresso Shoe Cubbie Bench. Each of the 18 individual cubbies of this 48" bench provides ample space to neatly store and keep a pair of size 13 men's shoes out of the way.

Storage Options:

Opt for furniture pieces with ample storage solutions such as shoe racks, coat hooks, drawers, or shelves to meet your entryway and hallway storage needs. These options help keep shoes, coats, bags, and other items organized and easily accessible. Consider furniture that maximizes space efficiency and allows for a neat and clutter-free environment.

Sears houses Furnituremaxx Rouen Clean White Seating Bench with Shoe Storage. Experience the comfort of cushioned seats on this bench, which also offers open storage when lifted.

Choose a quality coat rack:

To select a good coat rack, prioritize stability and durability. Look for a sturdy rack with a wide base to prevent tipping. Consider the material, such as wood or metal, based on your preference and the overall style of your space. Ensure it has enough hooks or pegs for your needs and check the weight capacity to support your coats and bags.

Have a look at Umbra Pillar Coat Rack (Black-Walnut). This pillar features 8 metal hooks, making it perfect for use as a coat rack, clothing rack, hat organizer or umbrella holder anywhere in your home or office.