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Storm doors add another layer of protection to the home

Give an added level of security to your home with a locking storm door. Available with both simple switch locks as well as key locks, a security model from Sears serves as a deterrent to potential intruders. The space between the new door and your home's main door also offers a discreet place for a delivery service or postman to leave small packages out of sight. Available in both vinyl and metal, these exterior doors are built to withstand the weather like a screen door while providing a sturdier and more rigid design.

Beyond functioning as a security door, a storm doors protect front doors from the elements. A house facing east or west will experience daily exposure to the sun that could fade, chip or peel a finish, and any exterior door can be subject to heavy winds and rain in a storm. If the weather is pleasant, you can open the screen window and let fresh air in without worrying about bugs getting in or the cat or dog wandering out.

Storm doors are easy to install and are measured to fit many common door sizes. Find a design that complements your home's exterior lighting fixtures or siding at Sears.