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Solar Lights use Natural Sunlight to Power Small Outdoor Lighting

You want your front pathway to be lit, so neither you nor your guests trip and stumble in the dark, with only a distant porch light as a guide. Solar lights can be installed along your front walkway and provide enough light to lead you guests to your front door from the driveway. Even small figurines of flowers or animals holding lanterns can provide just enough light to be used as a guide. Solar lights gather as much light and energy as they can from the sun during the day, and at dusk they illuminate by themselves and stay on until the energy charge is depleted. Outdoor solar lights save you money and energy by using a powerful natural resource.

Whether you're looking for practical lanterns to install on both sides of a walkway or path, or a figure to place in your small garden or flowerbed, these solar lights will add a more aesthetic appearance to your home. Browse from trusted brands like Garden Sunlight, Coleman Cable, Brinkmann and more for additional evening outdoor lighting.

Outside isn't the only place your home could use lighting, though. Bathroom lighting fixtures fit above your sink, whether for a half-bathroom or a full bathroom, and add uniqueness to the room. Your bathroom vanity is where you'll be exposed to the most amount of bright light in a small space. Sears has beautiful bathroom lighting fixtures from Delta, Price Pfister, Kichler Lighting and more to light up your bathroom and vanity. From ornate to contemporary, you'll find a fixture you'll like. But you'll also want to make sure the rest of your house has proper lighting too. Sears can help you pick the best with our selection on lamps and lighting.

The kids might not like sleeping in complete darkness, or maybe you'd prefer having a small light on in the hallway. Either way, Sears has night lights that anyone in your family who wants that little bit of light around the home at night. Night lights can come as small bulbs that plug in or have a decorative piece over the bulb, like a football or a fairy to watch over you at night. Most night lights plug into the wall, but there are some that use a battery. Whichever you choose, you'll find great decorative ways to add just a touch of light in a child's room or in the hallway.

No matter where you want to light up your house: outside along your walkway or inside in your bathroom or hallway, you'll find the perfect lighting fixtures at Sears.