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Start the Kitchen Remodel with a Stunning Granite Sink as the Centerpiece

When renovating and updating your kitchen, it's easy to think of common major appliances like the refrigerator or stove as the primary focal points, but a beautiful granite sink can help lead the design process just as easily. Not only are granite kitchen sinks elegant and easy to match with nearly any home decor, they're also incredibly strong and dependable, able to withstand years of rinsings and washings without showing their age. Pair your new granite sink from Sears with kitchen faucet hardware for a functional space that's just right for your family and your home.

Choose a granite sink with one main compartment and a small raised section for washing vegetables or funneling leftover food into a garbage disposal. Use a two-bowl sink for doing the dishes after a big get-together with family, friends or colleagues. A kitchen back splash that matches the sink can help tie everything together and ensure all your kitchen surfaces can be wiped down with a damp washcloth for a quick clean. The granite design does more than just look great. It's also incredibly dense and reliable enough to resist damage from even the most demanding kitchens.

Start thinking about the kitchen you wish you had instead of the one that's there. From countertops to kitchen appliances by brands you know and trust to rugged, elegant granite kitchen sinks, Sears has the supplies you need to outfit your new kitchen from the ground up.