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Home Improvement

Appliance Repair


Get the supplies you need for your next home improvement project

Weekend projects and major renovations all start as a home improvement dream designed to help you get the most out of your living space. Give yourself a luxurious new bathroom oasis or an updated kitchen that sparkles, shines, and offers all the right amenities in all the right places. Hardware like faucets and hanging brackets accent larger items like cabinets and shelving for cohesive decor that keeps you organized and looks great.

You can remodel your house or condo yourself with simple do-it-yourself plans and kits, which put control of the project in your hands. Just make sure you have a good set of tools for your home on hand, and start by choosing what colors and type of wood you prefer for your new kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Decide between a standard new double-basin kitchen sink or stylish hammered copper for a more rustic look. If you want more storage to keep your growing family organized, add some additional shelving units to a garage or storage space.

Other items you will have to consider as you plan your home improvement project include finishes like flooring, lighting and paint. Sears has all of these items to help you outfit your home in classical or modern styles. Then, choose the appliances you like best based on how they blend in with your new design and the key features that make them easy to use. Pick the room in your house that's due for the next makeover, and get started with the home improvement supplies you need to match your vision.