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Bake Tasty Morsels in a new Tart Pan

Whip up delectable appetizers, desserts and more in a new tart pan. Sears has tart and quiche bakeware in a wide variety to meet your cooking needs. Before a party, impress guests by making tiny, classic treats using petit four molds or tartlet pans. Use round quiche pans to prepare a delicious sunday brunch for your family. Expand your baking repertoire with new tart pans.

Prevent sweet tarts from over-browning on the bottom by using a porcelain tart dish or a metal pan. To lightly brown the bottoms of savory tarts, try using a tart ring. Place these metal rings directly on a baking sheet before adding the crust and filling. When baking large quiches with flaky crusts, quiche pans with fluted sides help keep your creations intact. The increased surface area helps prevent heavy fillings from crumbling the crust.

From non-stick coated metal to porcelain, tart pans come in a variety of quality materials. Use a non-stick metal pan with a removable bottom to transfer baked goods to a cooling rack or plate. If you prefer to serve tarts straight from the baking dish, porcelain bakeware is ideal. The versatile material allows for even baking and looks beautiful alongside formal or casual dinnerware sets. Prepare delicious confections and quiches in new tart pans from Sears.