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Make breads, cakes and more with durable bakeware from Sears

When you keep your kitchen stocked with a wide variety of bakeware, you'll be prepared to create delicious treats any time. Just as you use different types of cookware for different recipes, the right baking equipment will allow you to whip up the perfect confections. Sears carries everything from baking sheets to utensils for any novice baker or master chef. Whether you're creating tasty banana bread for a friend or making delicate vanilla cupcakes for your little one's birthday party, you'll find the durable bakeware to get the job done.

The right bakeware helps you create and share your treats with ease. Covered cake pans transform batter straight from your electric mixer into delicious cakes you can bring anywhere. If you're trying to prepare a new souffle recipe, choose from a large selection of elegant ceramic ramekins to bring your concoction from the oven to the serving table with ease. From pans to sheets, you'll find baking equipment that includes nonstick coatings and dishwasher-safe materials to make cleaning up a breeze.

Your kitchen deserves the best dishes, pans and gadgets. Sears' selection of bakeware makes it possible for your kitchen or bakery to be prepared for nearly anything. Add versatile baking equipment to your cupboard so you can handle anything from a multi-tier cake to a batch of cookies at a moment's notice.