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Kitchen Shears Snip and Cut through Tough Foods

Even the sharpest of kitchen knives can have a tough time cutting through chicken tendons or severing chunks of beef for a stew. A pair of kitchen shears takes the familiarity of scissors and gives them an upgrade capable of cutting through tough meat and small bones, making meal prep quick and intuitive. When cutting or slicing your ingredients becomes a struggle, reach for your pair of poultry shears from Sears. When you're finished working, simply slide the scissors right into a compatible knife block on your countertop so they're always nearby when needed.

Kitchen shears feature comfortable grips that can help reduce fatigue while chopping up veggies or separating pieces of meat. These shears are meant to do tough work and stay sharp for years of use, but after spending enough time on your cutting board, they might need a trip to the sharpener, just like your knives. A sharp and oiled pair of poultry shears will snip right through the connective tissue in a chicken or turkey, saving you valuable time when prepping for a big family dinner.

Kitchen shears can be one of the most valuable tools in your kitchen cutlery collection. Expand your knife block set with a pair of sharp, durable kitchen shears from Sears.