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Make Short Work of Meal Preparation with Full Knife Sets

Replace the hand-me-down set of kitchen cutlery from your first apartment or the odds-and-ends cutlery collection you've assembled over the years with a sharp new knife set. Sears has knife block sets that include general purpose chef's knives, paring knives, kitchen shears and a set of matching steak knives. Use your new knives to slice through tomatoes and dice veggies on the cutting board and slide them off into a salad or into the stock pot with the back of the knife, just like a professional.

Steak knives are excellent all-purpose knives for dinner, but specialized knives make cutting vegetables, meats, cheeses and breads faster and easier. When you're slicing or cutting especially tough foods like bones and tendons, reach for the powerful shears. Bread knives are long and serrated for creating beautiful slices of fresh bread from the oven. A comprehensive knife set is the foundation of a proper collection of kitchen tools for an aspiring home chef, and specialized kitchen knives can expand your culinary possibilities as your cooking skills develop.

Knife sets are great for your own home kitchen, but they also make excellent gifts for weddings and housewarming parties. Gift a cutlery set to a recent high school graduate to encourage them to learn food preparation instead of opting for fast food. Make food preparation easier with a sharp, stainless steel knife block set.