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Make Delicious Preserves and Jams with Canning Supplies

Canning supplies are an essential part of every chef and gardener's kitchen. These easy-to-use tools help to reduce waste and provide a steady stock of fresh ingredients for your favorite recipes. Canning fruits and vegetables is easy. Simply place them in a durable glass mason jar, screw on the lid and place the container in a hot water bath to remove oxygen and food-spoiling microorganisms. With a specialty kitchen timer, you'll know exactly how long to wait before the canning process is complete. WIth the right canning equipment and tools, your latest harvest can stay fresh and delicious for years to come.

Sears carries a wide selection of canning supplies for your next food preservation project. A canning kit includes a water bath, canning rack, magnetic jar lifter and complete instructions for canning a wide array of fruits and vegetables. The 21-quart capacity and heat resistant utensils make it ideal for beginners and experts alike. Choose a colorful set of of mason jar lids for selling, gifting or organizing your delicious canned goods. The rubber edge ensures a tight seal for better preservation.

From jars and specialty blenders to cutting boards and food scales, Sears has all the food prep accessories and gadgets you need to prepare your ingredients for canning. Make a lasting treat that everyone will love with canning supplies.