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Ensure that your Entrees, Appetizers and Desserts are Thoroughly Cooked with a New Kitchen Thermometer

Whether preparing rare beef or a roast pork, a kitchen thermometer will ensure that every dish leaves the kitchen at the ideal temperature. Sears has kitchen and meat thermometers in analog, digital and even laser models to simplify food preparation. Chefs of all skill levels will appreciate the convenience of a new cooking thermometer in the kitchen.

Analog meat thermometers are easy to use. Simply push the steel probe into the center of beef, poultry, fish and more to capture the temperature immediately. The probe pierces the exterior easily, so it won't ruin the beautiful sear from the skillet. Home chefs can watch the temperature dial as it moves across the tempered glass face. Each increment is clearly marked, and some models even include preset indicators for different types of meat.

For an updated kitchen, consider modern meat thermometers with digital and laser technology. These models use a digital readout rather than a dial, so home chefs can check the contents of the roasting pan at a glance. Many models also add backlit displays and LCD screens for your convenience. Prepare thoroughly cooked meals using an accurate kitchen thermometer from Sears.