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Food Prep & Gadgets

Get cooking with food prep tools from Sears

Whether you're a culinary adventurer or a tried-and-true home chef, your kitchen should be fully stocked with the right food prep gadgets and tools. When you purchase food prep tools, you'll want to know the difference between food mills and food processors and how to convert measurements and other helpful information. Armed with knowledge, you can head to Sears in order to find everything you need to complete your kitchen set and get cooking.

You'll want to start with the basics by making sure you have mixing bowls, measuring containers and utensils so you can follow recipes. From the simplest creations to the most elaborate fare, you can prepare almost anything with just a few bowls, tools and measuring cups. Of course, you'll find a variety of extras that can make the job significantly easier than it would be when using knife sets and other tools. Food scales allow you to measure more precisely than standard measuring cups while garlic presses and graters simplify cutting tasks.

Take your kitchen skills to the next level with a wide variety of food prep tools that can make any recipe seem like a breeze. With the right kitchen gadgets, you can prepare exciting new dishes, pop them in the oven and discover delicious results quickly and easily. At Sears, you'll find the tools you need to get going in the kitchen.