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Laundry Room Organization

Create a more efficient workspace with new laundry room organization supplies

When laundry day rolls around, the right organizational accessories can help you save valuable time and energy. Laundry room organization equipment can streamline every step of the cleaning process. From gathering piles of work shirts in the hamper to pressing clothing on an ironing board, Sears has the laundry tools you need to make cleaning your garments easier.

Collecting used garments is easy with a sturdy laundry basket or bin. Integrate a stylish hamper into your closet storage system to keep clutter from developing on the floors. Try a set of three bags to sort garments by color or pick up a beautiful woven hamper to accent your home decor. Plastic bins with comfortable handles are easy to transport to the laundry room, and the slatted design allows air to circulate freely.

After the clothes are rinsed and ready, hang up delicates on the drying station to let the water evaporate naturally. When the weather is nice, hang wet garments from a clothesline using sturdy wooden clothes pins. The fresh air will leave your clothes smelling amazing. If you notice any wrinkles, press every crease smooth on a sturdy ironing board before hanging each item on clothes hangers . Clean clothing more efficiently with a collection of laundry room organization supplies from Sears.