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Haul Heavy Equipment and Supplies with a new ATV Winch Kit from Sears

ATV winch kits include the equipment necessary for heavy-duty tasks. These kits are easy to use, and they provide enough power to pull thousands of pounds of weight with just an ATV and a few attachments. Sears has a variety of sets that can bring out the power in any all-terrain vehicle, and each model has the durability to last for years of demanding outdoor work.

Winch kits contain a durable winch and and the necessary accessories for tackling tough hauling projects. Each component is crafted from high-quality materials and the entire device is compact enough to store in an ATV storage box for easy access. Attach the line to a fallen tree or a stuck motorcycle with the clevis hook. Once activated, the motor will pull the item closer as the drum draws the line in. While many motors are battery powered, some include a manual mode that offers greater control in particularly tricky spots and can also be used in the case of limited battery power.

Basic kits feature accessories like waterproof covers and mounting plates for added security in any weather conditions. Remote-controlled options allow you to winch heavy items from a safe distance, meaning you can sit under the ATV shade while the motor does all the hard work for you. Stay prepared for demanding projects and unexpected situations with ATV winch kits from Sears.