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Stay on the Ground and Sculpt Trees and Bushes with a Pole Saw

Whether you're afraid of heights or not, few people are eager to climb into a tree to saw off a limb. With a pole saw, you don't have to. Climbing into a tree or large bush with a cordless hedge trimmer can be a hassle and unsafe without the right gear. A pole pruner from Sears can help you clip stray twigs or dying branches without ever needing to leave the ground.

For especially tall trees, a pole saw means you won't need a full extension ladder to get to work, keeping you closer to the ground, if not fully grounded. Rechargeable cordless pole pruners hold a charge until well after the trimming and cutting is finished, letting you take care of the yard work without needing to run an extension cord out into the lawn. You can saw off branches from yards away with just the pull of a trigger or the push of a button. The lightweight and extendable pole designs accommodate gardeners and yard workers of nearly any strength or size.

While there is a certain satisfaction that can come with using hand tools for yard and garden work, electric pole pruners and saws get the job done quicker without having to combat treacherous heights. Add one of our pole saws to your tool shed and save the ladder for less dangerous tasks.