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Cultivate a Beautiful Lawn and Garden with a new Dethatcher from Sears

When your soil is crowded with layers of dead weeds or vegetation, new grass may struggle to grow. Dethatchers can strip away unwanted debris with ease to help any lawn flourish. Choose from manual rakes, motor-driven models and even tow-behind dethatcher attachments for lawn tractors. Create a more ideal environment for lawn growth with a scarifier from Sears.

Motor-driven models use gas or electricity to save time during the landscaping process. Similar to a lawn mower in design, a dethatcher is attached to a long, ergonomic handle that features comfortable padding. Push the button and the durable tines dig under the soil and lift away layers of thatch. Simply navigate through the lawn until the entire surface is free of clippings, stems and other debris. This allows nutrients and oxygen to penetrate into the soil more effectively, so you can bring out the spreader and begin cultivating a pristine lawn in no time.

Dethatching equipment is built for convenience. Everything from the handle to the blade height is fully adjustable to give landscapers complete control over the process. Many models even feature folding handles, so the machine is easy to fit in the storage shed when winter rolls around. The durable stainless steel blades and rust-proof construction will help your lawn look its best year after year. Make lawn maintenance more convenient with a new dethatcher from Sears.