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Improve Jobsite Visibility with Construction Fencing from Sears

Signage can only do so much to keep people out of a restricted jobsite or construction zone, but few jobs require long-term fencing solutions. Unroll bright orange or yellow construction fencing, and secure it with posts every yard or two to create a clear barrier that can deter trespassers and even keep out small animals. Utility fencing from Sears is available in 50-foot and 100-foot rolls, and the installation is as simple as unrolling the material and securing it to sturdy fence posts. These weather-resistant fences can also be installed along long driveways or private roads for a quick deterrent for drifting snow instead of raising less functional landscape fencing.

Utility fencing lives up to its name. This temporary fencing can quickly section off a portion of your yard or a dangerous area, but it also easily rolls away when you're ready to clean up. While wire fencing can be heavy and difficult to carry around, you won't need multiple people on-site to carry a roll of construction fencing. Lightweight privacy netting that features easy-to-use grommets can work in conjunction with your HDPE fence to shield equipment from prying eyes.

Utility fencing is essential for any kind of construction work, and its versatility during yard work and for guiding snow makes it a must-have for homeowners. Enhance safety in work areas with new construction fencing from Sears.