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Use Gate Openers for Added Security

Gated fencing is a quick and convenient for securing your property and limiting access to your home. Rely on gate openers to control admittance to your property. Gates can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Ornate wrought iron decorations, intricate panel work and sometimes just the simplicity of clean lines can greatly beautify the look of your gate and therefore also the appearance of your property. It is clear that gate openers add functionality to the beauty of the design.

Sliding gate openers come with one or two remote controls for wireless operation. Working with an interior chain mechanism, you can also operate this type of opener with an in-home keypad. Pair this type of technology with a horizontal gate lock that allows for remote or manual release as needed. Manufacturers suggest that you add this to your gated fencing whenever the gate exceeds eight feet in length.

Since you are evaluating the safety and security of your home, consider putting up chain link fencing around your home. Quick and easy to install, this kind of fencing material is extremely durable and will protect your property for years or decades to come. You can choose the standard steel color or opt for painted chain link fencing. Match the color of the fence posts or try different colors there to create a visually stunning perimeter.

In some cases, temporary construction fencing might be just right when it comes time to close off certain parts of your landscape. The traditional orange barrier fence lets you protect flowerbeds from digging dogs and small children with their toys. A three-foot tall silt fence comes with stakes and lets you deter foot traffic on newly installed sod or freshly seeded patches of soil. Since this type of fencing is reusable when properly cared for, it is a smart investment for any homeowner.

When you are thinking of fencing in terms of decorative landscape touches, pick out unique fence panels to achieve just the right look. Bamboo fencing around your deck or patio ensures plenty of privacy while not actually closing off the area permanently. Sunbathe at ease and keep prying eyes away. Blending right into the landscape, this type of fence paneling is perfect for areas where you are cultivating new growth or are nurturing well-established plants. Manufacturers now offer faux ivy fencing for whimsical touches you can add to a landscape devoid of many plants.

Sears carries a wide variety of gate openers, chain link fencing, construction fencing and fence panels. Improve the safety of your home with a locking gate. While you are shopping for fencing products, consider how you could beautify your landscape with the addition of attractive panels. Buy your fencing material today and have an updated property perimeter and backyard by the end of the weekend.