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Add Beauty and Privacy with Landscape Fencing

Add beauty and privacy with landscape fencing around gardens, play areas, walkways or your entire property. There are many different types of fencing you can use to shield or show off other landscape features like your garden or pool. Use privacy fence panels to block unwanted views or to surround the property perimeter. Wire fencing helps to keep pests out of your garden, but you can still enjoy the view of your flowers and vegetables. For total privacy, erect tall rolled bamboo fence panels. We have edging and framing, cage wire and more fencing options for you to consider. Netting is another type of fencing you could use to keep birds away from your fruit trees. Fancy fencing and curved edging can be combined to create beautiful pathways or to set off lawn or garden areas. We have many interesting types of privacy fences, including artificial hedge fencing, wrought iron, white lattice and other decorative styles.

Once you have decided upon your chosen styles of fence panels, you need a few more parts before you can begin construction of your new fence. Posts are needed to hold up the panels, and you probably will also want to get some post covers for additional decorative value. We have traditional pole fence posts and whimsical flamingo fence posts. Many fence styles will only need a simple pole, but others require matching poles of white plastic or wood. The goal with fence posts is to create a uniform-looking fence line that gives the support needed for whatever style fence panels or wire you are using. We also have all the necessary hardware to attach fence panels to your chosen posts.

Another important segment of your fencing will be the choice of fence gates. You can match your fence gates to your fencing style. We carry wide tubular steel gates, picket fence gates, lattice top gates, rustic cedar gates and many other styles. If you have a white cottage style fence, we have gates that feature a curved top to match your style of fencing. We have many traditional styles also, including single rail landowner gates. For some areas, you might want to install electrified fencing or have an automatic or remote control gate mechanism. We can help you find all the parts and specialty hardware you need to achieve the final look and function of all your fencing. We stock many kinds of fence hinges, latches, handles, basic hardware and fencing tools you should have for building your fences. Have it all delivered or pick up your order at your nearby Sears.

There are many reasons for erecting fences around your property. Security, privacy and beautification are the most common ones. Adding value to your property is another side benefit you get when you put up fencing. We have fencing parts and hardware in stock to help make your project successful. Putting up fences is a good project that can be done quickly. Have your fencing orders delivered to your location, or pick them up at our nearest store.