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Fi-Shock PT656W1-FS 656-Feet Polytape, 1-Inch

$130.78 13% in Savings

Fi-Shock PT656W1-FS 656-Feet Polytape, 1-Inch
Sold by GrowKart
Fi-Shock PW1320Y9-FS 9-Strand Polywire, 1320-Feet

$102.92 46% in Savings

Fi-Shock PW1320Y9-FS 9-Strand Polywire, 1320-Feet
Sold by Ami Ventures Inc
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Install durable wire fencing to protect valuable property

You should install durable wire fencing to protect valuable property and surround any work sites with construction fencing. Wire fencing is easy to put up around garden or play areas, and it is good for keeping pests away from your plants and flowers. We have many styles of wire fencing for temporary or permanent use, and we have gates, poles and hardware to use in construction of your fenced area. Other types of wire fencing include hardware cloth and green home fence. Putting an orange safety fence around construction areas should keep unwanted visitors, children and animals out of potentially dangerous areas. At the same time, a good fence will help protect valuable equipment inside that construction zone. Theft is a common problem at construction sites, especially if there are tools or copper wiring lying around unattended. Like wire fencing, construction fencing comes in a roll that is easily erected by attaching it to poles sunk around the perimeter area of the worksite.

Some landowners choose to install electric fencing for animal control or general security. We have many types of electric fencing and the hardware accessories you need to complete installation and operation of your electric fence. We stock insulators, shock collars, fencing wire, barbed wire and more parts you need for an electric fence system. We also have gates and rubber gate handles for safe entry past electric fencing, and we stock batteries, controllers and testers. Many ranchers or farmers use electric fencing to keep livestock controlled and in a pasture, safe from road hazards. The animals learn quickly that they do not like being shocked, and they stay far enough away from it. Small pests and rodents also are deterred by electric fencing. We have what you need for this project, and we are willing to answer any questions you might have about building your own.

Fence gates control access to your yard or other fenced areas, and they can help provide added security. Many fence gates also are decorative as well as functional. We have many styles of gates to match up to your fencing project, including gates that will work well with electric fencing. Some gates are meant to keep animals or people inside an area while other gates keep people outside of an area. You can lock gates using a padlock, chain or a mechanized locking system. Gates are essential for a pool area to provide added safety for youngsters and others who might be unable to swim. A gated yard is safety insurance for young children and pets, keeping them in a particular area where you want them to stay. Most gates simply are attached to fence panels or fence poles.

Use wire fencing, gates and other safety features to protect valuables on your property. They are a good way to provide extra safety for young children and pets when you need to confine them to a certain area or keep them away from dangers. If you are doing construction, it is good to erect temporary construction fencing around that area. We have what you need for fence building of any kind, including electric fencing, and we can deliver all the fencing and hardware to your location.