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Secure your property with quality yard fencing

Quality yard fencing enhances your privacy while adding a polished appearance to the lawn. Create a locked enclosure with chain link fencing and metal gates or set up decorative garden fencing with a matching arbor. No matter your design preferences, Sears offers the means to turn any backyard into a beautiful and more secure environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Set up a sturdy border with fence posts made of aluminum or steel and attach post caps for a decorative accent. Add fence panels to secure the entire yard within a private barrier. A chain link fence is a durable option that requires little maintenance. Add enhancements like electrical fencing and metal gates with openers for even greater security. A wooden lattice fence is a classic decorative option, while a bamboo landscaping fence adds a modern touch. Installation hardware ensures that your new fence stays firmly in place, no matter the weather.

Smaller fences can protect gardens and outdoor projects from potential harm. Install garden fencing around seedlings and planters to keep critters at bay. Mesh fencing, like galvanized cage wire and poultry netting, protects your flowers and vegetables with a lightweight, yet durable barrier. When renovating the deck, seal the area with orange construction fencing to send a visual warning to visitors. The flexible material is easy to set up and remove. Create a safer and beautifully maintained property with yard fencing from Sears.