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Access Power Anytime and Anywhere with Commercial Generators

From camping trips to remote work projects to power outages, commercial generators keep your heavy-duty equipment ready for action. Use the multiple outlets to plug in power tools, mobile devices, cooking equipment and more. Find a portable or stationary generator that's right for your project at Sears.

To be prepared for power outages, it's just as important to have a portable generator at the jobsite as it is to have an emergency power supply at home. Portable commercial generators feature ergonomic handles that are comfortable to grip for hauling the device where you need it. Use a wheeled model for even easier transportation from one end of the worksite to the other. The durable, impact resistant exterior is built to withstand bumping and jostling for years of use. If you work at a construction site, be sure to choose a generator with a sturdy metal frame to prevent damage to the machine from falling debris.

Like standby generators for home use, stationary generators for professional applications are built to stay securely in place. Stand one at the ready on the jobsite to stay prepared for power outages during the workday. To improve fuel economy and enjoy more work time between refueling, choose a model that lessens its fuel consumption as items are unplugged. When the power goes out, keep on working with commercial generators from Sears.