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Keep the Lights on with Portable Power Supplies

No matter the season, bad weather or other unexpected circumstances can knock out the power. While waiting for the power company to fix the issue, you can turn on your emergency generator and get your home running again. With outlets for lights, USB devices and other essentials, you can power the things you need the most. These compact generators are easy to carry and can be brought to rooms that need the power the most. For larger power needs, Sears also has portable generators for items that require more electricity.

Along with multiple styles of outlets, these power supplies have other features that make them essential to every home. One of the things that it's easy to forget about when the power goes out is resetting corded alarm clocks. Sears carries units that have alarm clocks built-in, so you won't miss work or school the next day. Other emergency generators come with vehicle jump starters and can help inflate flat tires. With so many different functions, these emergency generators will keep your home running in any situation.

Since they don't generate gas or fumes, these electric emergency generators are perfect for indoor use during power outages. Combined with a few extension cords, you'll be able to power anything in your home.