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Get Uninterrupted Power Supply with a Generator from Sears

To run a machine on the jobsite, a power source is required. A new power generator can keep key appliances and power tools running when connected to an outlet. It is important that we have a reliable power backup system that can keep the equipment working when there is a power outage. Sears has a stock of gasoline, solar, hybrid and propane models, so you can find an option suitable for you. With the right generator accessories, you will have ample power wherever and whenever it is needed.

What is an emergency power system?

It is an independent power source that is capable of powering other equipment in case of a power failure. For example, computers use the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device, whereas factories and other establishments use generators when there is a loss of power supply.

What are the different types of generators?

The type of generator mainly depends on the application, and the power source it uses for operation. We find different categories of generators like solar, standby, portable and more. The power capacity of each of these machines is mentioned clearly.

Power up Gadgets and Devices with these Generators

Solar Generators

Since solar generators are powered by sunlight, they do not use any non-renewable source for powering up. They are available in two types, namely commercial and portable generators. Simply by placing them atop your home, they get exposed to solar energy. This helps them drive other electric appliances. Sears has solar power panels and solar battery charger kits like Tektrum Portable 1500w Power Station with Solar Panel and Gofort 1200W Portable Power Station Solar Generator.

Portable Generators

These come in handy in a variety of situations. Portable generators are perfect for bringing along on camping trips. For more heavy-duty equipment, there are commercial generators that will help you get all the tough jobs done. With so many options to choose from, there is no gadget or device, which you will not be able to power. Portable generators use gasoline or propane. Some models use electricity too. Sears has A-IPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator and Generac 6954 8000W Electric Start Gas-Powered Portable Generator that offer continuous power supply.

Emergency Power Supplies

Rain and snow can disrupt power lines. In such cases, you need an emergency power source that can power up your appliance. Sears has a number of emergency power supplies that will keep phones charged and the lights on. In this manner, you can remain connected during any power outage. Whether it is on the road or at home, keep the power flowing with a new electric generator.

Shop Sears for Best Products

Sears also has a whole range of power supplies like battery chargers, charger kit for golf carts, inverter generators and other accessories. You will find a diverse collection of generators and its parts from brands like Craftsman, Briggs & Stratton, Tektrum and more. Never run out of power by owning a power backup source from Sears.