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Maintain your Lawn with a Manual Reel Mower from Sears

Ditch the gas and trim your lawn with a classic reel mower. Sears has a large selection of manual mowers that will help you cut the grass and avoid pesky maintenance. These options help you lower your carbon-footprint, and you never have to worry about running out of gas. Before looking to a gas model for a small yard, you might be able to keep your landscape looking great with a simple push reel mower.

Each manual can handle a wide variety of tasks. Like a push mower, many reel mowers feature a convenient bag to collect clippings and help you reduce lawn thatch. The range of cutting widths can help you get just the size you need for your yard. Adjust the cutting height to give your type of grass just the trim it deserves.

Sears has all the lawn gear you need to keep your grass growing green all season long. With a manual lawn mower in your storage shed, you'll be able to keep your lawn looking sharp and healthy. Add a reel mower to your landscaping tool arsenal, and have a manicured yard all spring and summer.