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Accent your Outdoor and Indoor Space with Potted Plants from Sears

Some people love the thrill of gardening; planting seeds in planting season, waiting for them to grow, nurturing seedlings and proudly watching those tiny plants grow into beautiful adult specimens. Other people prefer a method of gardening that takes some of the guesswork out of the equation. Potted plants have passed the nursery stage and don't have to be transplanted or nurtured beyond the normal everyday care routine. Potted plants also make great gifts that last for years in a bright window space or sunroom.

Potted plants are generally quite easy to care for. Since you don't have to grow them from plant seeds, you don't have to worry about the tender early days and weeks of plant life; your potted plant comes healthy and ready to thrive in any environment. Most potted plants come with a stake that lets you know exactly how to care for your new addition. Your plant may like full sun or partial shade, and may grow better with a little plant food or fertilizer added to the watering can. Some plants, such as aloe, grow new shoots that may need to be removed and re-potted. This is a great way to grow something that will turn into great housewarming gifts for your friends. Plus, you'll always have sunburn relief on hand!

If you are looking for something to accent your home or porch, a small bit of greenery such as a fern or miniature shrub may be exactly what you need. Ferns and shrubs generally require very little care, and they are great for entryways, tabletops and living room color. The wonderful thing about live plants indoors is that they help clean the air and make everything feel a little bit more cozy. Green plants go with almost any decorations, so that you know your plant will match any room in your home. Small potted shrubs and ferns also make great housewarming gifts; they are a gift that will last for years as the family grows.

Potted flowers also make a great addition to any home. Some potted flowers are meant to stay outside during growing season so the blooms will be visible to anyone pulling up your driveway. Other potted flowers bloom best in controlled environments indoors. You may even want to decorate your pot from season to season, to emphasize the year-round nature of your plant and show a little flair on your tabletop. Some plants love the indoors, but only bloom seasonally. If you have a collection of potted plants, you can grow them in the off-season in a hidden location, and then pull out each plant to feature in your living room when it is ready to bloom. Potted plants are living decorations that can enhance the ambience of any gathering, whether it is just family or a gaggle of friends.

If you want to start a small collection of potted plants to liven up your home, you will only need a few supplies. Some small pruning shears, a watering can and a little plant food will probably be all you need to manage your potted garden. Let Sears help you find the perfect potted plant and everything you need to get your green thumb in gear.