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Cut Wood Easily by Choosing a Log Splitter from Sears

Heavy-duty yard work can be a breeze with a splitter at your disposal. Log splitters are a great way to break down the trimmings you made with your chainsaw for making composting material. Sears also sells chippers that come as part of a leaf blower/vacuum, independent stationary chippers, chippers with wheels and even chippers that function as lawn tool attachments for your tractor or riding mower. The type of chipper you use will be dependent on your budget, project needs and personal preferences. Sears provides a variety of log splitters and chippers, so you are bound to find the right one for you.

Log Splitters are Perfect for Woodworking Projects

If you need something to make a little bit of wood for your compost pile, a splitter that comes as part of a combination tool will be the best option. This equipment will vacuum up your debris and reconstitute it into something that will be perfect for making soil. Sears also offers stand-alone chippers, shredders and mulchers that will cut up your debris into any size. A standard splitter is great for making even-sized pieces out of logs, branches and other yard waste. These chips of wood can be used to create decorative paths or protect your garden from bushes.

Maintain the Wood Splitter for Best Results

While you are purchasing your chipper, make sure to stock up on extra supplies. This is to ensure you do not waste time running to the store when regular maintenance is due. Replacement blades, oil and sharpening kits will all keep your splitter running smoothly. Sears also sells protective coverings in case you have to leave your splitter outdoors. This will protect the power tool from damaging elements.

Wood Chippers are Incredibly Useful

Some yards are difficult to maintain, but a chipper from Sears lets you keep your bushwhacking down to a minimum. Chippers easily convert leaves, fresh branches, dried twigs and many other forms of organic matter into something that is portable and usable. This is to allow you to take advantage of the resources that are available in your backyard. Sears offers a small chipper for little yard works or a stationary chipper for serious projects.

Sears has Some Top Log Splitters

Sears carries a diverse range of manual, gas, electric splitters, and hydraulic splitters that help complete your yard work in quick time. Explore top-rated machines like Sun Joe LJ10M 10 Ton Manual Log Splitter, Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter and Boss Industrial ED10T20 10 Ton Electric Log Splitter. These power tools are capable of cutting down large logs of wood. Constructed using durable steel, these log splitters can withstand wear and tear with unbelievable ease. They come with caster wheels which makes it easy to maneuver the machine in and around your yard. We also have exclusive products from a variety of well-known brands like Stanley, Sun Joe, and Craftsman. Shop Sears for machines with the best combination of power and dependability.