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Keep your Engine Running with a Timing Belt

Auto belts are essential to your car's operation. Since they're used the entire time your car is on, they're subjected to high heat, friction and stretching. No matter how thoroughly you care for your vehicle with the right fluids and lubricants the belts will eventually need replacement. With the right belts on hand you can tackle important repairs.

The timing belt needs to be replaced at regular intervals. With the engine's high heat and friction between the gears, the timing belt will warp over time and could snap if neglected. A broken timing belt means your engine will stop running and can cause extreme damage to your motor. Check with your mechanic to find out how often you should change your timing belt. Each belt has a recommended mileage point at which they should be changed. Remember this and always go in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Besides the engine, vehicle belts are key in running a number of other parts within your automobile. The fan belt is responsible for running the water pump, alternator and power steering. With so many components dependent upon a single part, you should invest in high-quality belts. The better the belt, the better the performance and lifespan. Shop at Sears for all the auto belts you need.