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Outdoor Power Equipment Accessories



Maintain your gear with outdoor power equipment parts from Sears

Your garden tools aren't going to get any prettier sitting on their neatly aligned shelves in the shed. Timely maintenance with the right outdoor power equipment parts is important to prevent rusting or mechanism failure. Whether you're looking for line trimmer parts or spark plugs for your blower, you will find everything you need at Sears. 

When using powerful machines, there are various lawn equipment parts that can enhance their performance to cater to different tasks. Choke cleaners, funnels and blade sharpeners are few of the many specialty accessories that will help you keep your tractors and blowers in top condition. Blades and belts have to be changed regularly, while a couple of cans of oil and gas help you to be prepared for emergencies. Always make sure you have a pair of extra wheels at your disposal in case you're in the middle of a large project and don’t have the time to drive to the store. 

Garden tool accessories like chain saw parts and tune-up kits will ensure that all your lawn tools are clean and in working order at all times. From pressure washer accessories to lawn mower filters, Sears has all the outdoor power equipment parts to meet your needs.

Specialty small kitchen appliances are made to make specific cooking tasks a breeze. New slicers will help you chop veggies in no time. If you're into making homemade bread, Sears has an awesome selection of bread makers that give you amazing loaves every time. Juicers quickly produce delicious beverages from your favorite fruits and veggies. When you have the tools you need, baking and cooking are be a breeze.

A great selection of small cooking appliances is key to creating full-flavored meals. Grab a new griddle to make breakfast for the whole family or a meat grinder that will help you grind fresh meat for burgers or sausages. With so many great compact kitchen appliances, you'll be making complex dishes like a master chef. Sears has all the kitchen gear you need to make the food you love.