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Grow a Verdant Lawn with Hand Gardening Tools from Sears

Having a pristine lawn in your front yard will enhance the appeal of your entrance area. It also becomes a great relaxing and partying spot for your family and friends. Growing beautiful flowers or cultivating delicious vegetables requires the right tools and equipment. They must be nourished properly from the time you seed them to even after getting a full bloom. Sears has a wide variety of garden hand tools to help you care for plants and flowers. Whether you need a garden rake, hoe or pruning shears, you will find all that and much more.

Groom your Soil with Lawn Tools

Smooth soil creates the perfect base for everything to take root. Sears features a number of garden tools, mattocks and rakes to break up clumps in the soil. After using the tiller, you can use the rake to spread out the freshly turned soil. Then smooth out the surface with a hoe. Completing this process will prepare your garden bed.

Sow the Seeds for a Perfect Lawn

Once the garden bed is ready, sow the seeds of the plants you wish to grow. Certain small tools like garden knives and blades help in the process of weeding and transplanting. They can also work as markers by assisting you in giving shape to your lawn.

Shape your Flowering Plants

Once your plants get a bit taller, a pair of pruning shears can trim your plants and make them grow strong. Hand pruners come in a variety of sizes and shapes to let you grip the branch while cutting. The ergonomic grip and curved cutting head allow the wrist to maintain a natural position. Sears also has an electric model - Zenport SCA2 36V 12-Hour Battery Powered Electric Pruner.

Getting Firewood with Garden Tools

When you intend to break open chunks of wood or cut down trees, then opt for a chopping axe. These hand tools boast an ultra-sharp blade and a reliable handle. With an enhanced blade penetration, this wood cutting tool makes quick work of chopping wood. This comes in handy when you want to stack firewood for winters.

What kind of tools can dig holes for gardening purposes?

In order to prepare a garden bed and start planting seeds, we require tools that can dig holes in the ground. Specialized garden tools like augers, shovels, weeders and trowels can perform this work.

What do you need to start gardening?

The first and the most important thing is to have enough space for gardening. Proper care is to be taken to ensure that the soil is supplied with proper nutrients for plant growth. This is where the role of garden tools becomes extremely important. In addition, you also require several other gardening supplies like hoses, organic manure and more.

Sears has all the latest gardening tools you need to grow anything and everything. Whether you need sturdy hand shovels, aerators or some shears to shape bushes and shrubs, all types of gear is available. With a variety of garden hand tools on hand, you can express your love for plants in the perfect manner.