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Protect your Lawn from Pests and Help it Grow with a Garden Sprayer

Achieving the manicured green lawn and lush garden of your dreams might seem difficult, but with a little hard work and the right tools at your disposal, improving the yield of your green spaces can be much simpler. Garden sprayers make it easier to dilute fertilizers and pesticides and cover an entire garden or yard in less time. Sears has small handheld fertilizer sprayers as well as multi-gallon jugs that include spraying wands for covering a whole yard in an afternoon. Upgrade from a watering hose-mounted option to a portable sprayer that can reach every inch of the yard or garden without worrying about running out of hose.

Acid-resistant fertilizer sprayers are built to last, no matter which chemicals you use to protect and enhance your garden. Adjust from a fine mist to a straight stream with the turn of a knob, then point the spray wand to quickly coat plants with just a few squeezes of the handle. Heavier garden sprayers include shoulder straps for carrying the equipment as you walk a field or a large yard spreading fertilizer.

Diluting and spreading fertilizers ensures that your plants get exactly the nutrients they need without trusting rain to spread solid plant food around the yard. Start seeing the difference having the right tools in your gardening collection can have on your green spaces with a new garden sprayer from Sears.