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Power Tools Bundles

Power tool sets provide everything you need for yard work

New home ownership brings many responsibilities, from lawn care and snow removal to basic repairs and maintenance around the house. Power tool sets provide the tools you need to maintain your property all year long. Rather than searching endlessly for the right accessory for your line trimmer on short notice, handheld power tool bundles include all of the matching accessories designed to fit your tools in one convenient package. Bundles can also include necessary safety equipment, such as safety glasses or chainsaw cases, to keep you protected.

Sears offers a large selection of sets that include more than just hand tools. If you're looking for larger equipment, consider a power tool bundle. You'll have all the necessary accessories right from the start, like a multi-bin bagging attachment or fuel for your new riding mower. Snow blowers and power washers also come bundled with popular accessories to make home maintenance easier. Next time you head to the shed for your equipment, you'll be glad to know you already have all the components you need for the job.

Power tool sets give you all the tools you need to maintain your home and property. Whether you are power washing your siding and driveway or removing a tree from the front yard, Sears has bundles that will make lawn care easier. Stay prepared for any home maintenance project with power tool bundles.