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Mowing your Lawn is a Breeze with Efficient Zero-turn Mowers from Sears

When you have a larger property or do professional landscaping, a zero-turn mower is a great addition to any garden shed. Featuring a wide range of benefits that make mowing easy and comfortable, this machine is effortless to use. The zero-turn radius allows for increased running time and minimal vibration. The latest options from Sears allow you to achieve cleaner cuts by smoothly avoiding trees, flower beds and other obstacles that stand in the way.

A zero-turn tractor is simple to maneuver and helps save time. You can cut closely around bushes, plants, and any other foliage on your lawn. With models featuring heavy-duty motors and up to 60-inch cutting blade, tackling the largest mowing projects is a breeze. If you just need something to handle your home, consider options with 42-inch cutting blades that work better in smaller gardens and yards. When the mowing job is done, make sure to maintain the your machines by covering it and storing it properly in a garden shed to avoid damage from harsh weather conditions.

Smaller properties are easier to upkeep, but bigger gardens and yards become complicated with the variety of shrubs, flowers and other design elements incorporated into the outdoor decor. Most of the latest zero-turn riding mowers can be equipped with different tractor attachments to simplify your landscaping. From baggers to aerators, you can choose accessories based on your requirements. Make lawn and garden chores easy with a new zero-turn tractor from Sears.