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Groom your Lawn with Riding Mowers & Tractors from Sears

When you have an acre of green grass or an acre with a few lawn obstacles, a riding mower from Sears is your best option for lawn maintenance. Tackling overgrown grass and weeds requires less effort with lawn mowers and tractors. These useful lawn cutting machines help create a pristine lawn in your front yard.

A perfectly trimmed lawn will enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. Our zero turn lawn mowers come with a small, strong deck for easy maneuvering. Equipped with a fabricated 42-inch deck, these mowers provide better strength and durability. A mowing speed of 6 mph will ensure that you can weed out overgrown grass quickly.

A hand push lawn mower is a clean and green alternative to gas-powered mowers. When you wish to avoid long power cords, gas, oil, and costly maintenance, then a push reel lawn mower is a good alternative. These type of manual lawn mowers have smooth-spinning blades, maneuverable wheels, and effortless grass-cutting height adjustment. A loop-style handle with cushioned grips provide great comfort.

Making flower beds in your lawn is pretty easy when you choose a garden tractor. These yard tractors are capable of doing heavy work like cultivating and loading. Larger back tires on these appliances improve their stability on steep gradients. Garden tractors can be put to multipurpose use, such as for cutting grass, ploughing snow and dirt, and hauling roads.

Cutting a precise pattern comprising small patches of grass is possible with zero turn tractors. Featuring a square tubular frame for strength and style, these cutting tools are best-suited for outdoor lawn maintenance. Dual LED headlights pave the way for increased visibility at night.

We have a massive collection of lawn tractors, mowers and other lawn maintenance equipment from Kohler, Kawasaki and other renowned brands. Along with replacement accessories, these machines greatly simplify your garden chores. Browse through the mower collection at Sears and find the one that will fulfill your needs.