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Make Good Use of Front Yard with Sheds and Outdoor Storage Accessories from Sears

Outdoor storage provides space for all types of items. It is particularly useful when you are running out of room in your garage, basement or attic. A shed is a great place to store your lawn tools, outdoor ottomans and other related items. Sears offers outdoor storage systems in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Most of our sheds are made using durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Steel buildings are the sturdiest types while plastic and vinyl sheds are the easiest to relocate.

What types of outdoor storage accessories are there?

There are a variety of patio storage essentials like sheds, deck boxes, tool box containers, greenhouses and more. They are designed to store all kinds of tools, saplings and other electrical and plumbing accessories that are kept outside homes.

How does a shed differ from a storage building?

Sheds look small, and are just designed to store things. Storage buildings feature windows, and a roof that looks like a real building. Entrance door of a shed is generally smaller when compared to that of a storage building.

How to identify the best outdoor shed?

Sheds that are built with durable materials like vinyl and steel can handle inclement weather conditions with ease. Due to their durable build, they are regarded as the best. People living in hot and humid climates can opt for these sheds.

Sheds and Storage Buildings

Our sheds and storage buildings are a great option for patio storage if you have large quantities of outdoor furniture. Made of sturdy materials, they can resist corrosion, and offer plenty of storage and workspace. Most of these outdoor storage essentials have an interior that offers ample head room at the center of the shed. The sliding doors shut seal tight for improved safety. We have top-rated sheds like Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Utility Shed and Costway 9' X 6' Metal Storage Shed.


If you are an avid gardener, you will want to browse through our selection of outdoor greenhouses that allow you to plant in any weather. For example, the Poly-Tex HG5510 6' X 10' Nature Hobby Greenhouse comes with a rust-resistant aluminum frame and a durable galvanized steel base. A smart panel slide and lock system ensure quick assembly. The 4mm twin-wall unbreakable polycarbonate sliding panels can block up to 99.9% of UV rays. This greenhouse eliminates the risk of plant burn. We also have plenty of other greenhouses for you to choose from.

Deck and Patio Storage

These outdoor storage accessories are not only functional, but also neat and appealing. They come in a variety of types like cabinets and deck boxes. You can choose the appropriate color which will complement your outdoor decor.

Sears offers a wide range of outdoor storage options including sheds, greenhouses and firewood racks. We also have a complete lineup of shed parts and accessories for your storage systems. We sell products from top brands like Craftsman, Suncast and Arrow Buildings. Shop Sears today to find a fantastic deal on an outdoor storage item.