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Keep your Property Safer this Winter with Anti-Slip Ice Melt from Sears

Stay grounded all season long with traction-enhancing accessories, like ice melt and shoe grips. Whether coating the driveway with de-icer before a storm or slipping on a pair of boot grips to steer the snowblower after the accumulation has settled, snow gear from Sears can help you enjoy a safer season. A thin layer of ice melt can prevent slick layers of ice and snow from accumulating on your property.

Choose from liquid or granulated forms to keep sidewalks clear all winter. Homeowners can take preventative measures by applying the solution to a bare sidewalk before the snow falls. Though de-icers can quickly melt away freezing accumulation for up to two weeks, many options are pet-safe and non-corrosive. If an unexpected blizzard hits, a versatile ice melter can be used to clear away freezing debris that have already accumulated.

In addition to de-icer, boot grips can increase your traction on snowy sidewalks while working outdoors. These lightweight accessories feature steel studs and can be slipped over shoes or boots. That means you can use the snow shovel on an icy driveway without fear of slipping and sliding. Stay safe in the snow and ice with ice melt and shoe grips from Sears.