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Fight Winter with Snow Removal Equipment from Sears

Get a head start on winter this year with high-quality snow removal equipment from Sears. Sears carries a full range of name brand Craftsman and Stanley snow equipment and accessories that help you plow through snowdrifts and clear the driveway. Invest in snowplows and snow blowers before the winter buries you and your home under heavy snow.

Get all of the power you need to clear the driveway and sidewalks when you invest in gas snow blowers. Craftsman 26-inch dual-stage snow blowers cut through thick snow and ice and remove it with ease. Alternatively, use an electric snow blower to prevent stopping and refilling the gas tank. The Greenworks 12-amp electric snow blower clears a 20-inch path and blows the snow up to 20 feet away. Since it uses electricity, you have a constant energy source to finish the job in less time.

Don't store your riding lawn mower for the winter season; equip it with a Craftsman snowplow. Choose from 14- or 16-inch snow blades that clear the sidewalk in one attempt. Home Plow by Meyer offers residential snowplows that attach to the truck or SUV. With the included wireless controller, you can instantly move the plow up or down with the push of a button. With a snowplow connected to the vehicle, you never have to stand in the snow or sit on a cold tractor seat when scraping the sidewalk and driveway.

Snow removal accessories improve your ability to clear away snow and ice. When using a snowplow on the mower, install Craftsman wheel weights for the tires. Tire chains prevent slippage and increase the mower's traction while maneuvering over ice. Roof rakes help you remove snow that weighs down the roof, and liquid salt spreaders prevent further ice from forming on the pavement. For leisurely winter activities such as ice fishing, invest in the Eskimo Shark 8-inch power ice auger to cut through thick lake ice. If you want to remove winter ice and snow, you need snow removal accessories that help you get done and out of the cold quickly.

If you live in an area that receives yearly snow fall, then you require heavy-duty snow removal equipment that lets you remove snow and ice in less time. Shop Sears online for affordable snow equipment and accessories for the home.