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Start Drilling with Sharp New Auger Bits from Sears

Create clean, clearly defined holes with durable auger bits for your equipment. Auger accessories and bits from Sears are made of heavy-duty steel and designed to last through years of re-homing plants and installing fence posts. A one-man auger can be fitted with bits of varying diameters, depending on the size of the hole needed, and extenders are available to dig deeper for a sturdier post.

While the old auger bit in your shed might be fine when working with the soft, welcoming soil of a garden, especially tough soil calls for a sharper bit. Anyone who has worked a rough, dry yard with a front tine tiller knows it can feel like tilling against cement, and the same goes for digging a post hole with a dull auger. Consider starting off with a sharp, new 4-inch bit to loosen the soil first before switching to a larger size for opening up the hole as wide as you need.

Sears has auger bits ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches in diameter and auger extenders and accessories that make short work of digging through very dense soil types. Upgrade and modify your lawn and gardening equipment with new auger accessories and bits.