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Simplify Digging Works in your Lawn with Hydraulic Augers from Sears

To complete fencing works in your garden, it is important to dig holes of consistent width and depth. This helps for cleaner and quicker installation of stakes. Augers play an important role when you wish install a deck, sink fence posts or plant trees. This power tool mainly consists of two main parts, viz. the engine and the bit. For soil sampling jobs, standard soil augers, clay augers, sand augers, and mud augers can be used.

What is a hydraulic auger?

This equipment includes a tool that looks similar to a drill bit. This machine does a good job of efficiently digging holes in the ground. As opposed to other augers, this power tool uses fluid pressure to operate. A hydraulic auger serves the same purpose as a drill machine, but with greater power and speed.

What are the advantages of hydraulic augers?

They enable quicker penetration into various materials such as soil, concrete, and asphalt. This machine provides steady torque due to increased power to weight ratio. When compared to other drills, these augers have larger diameter shafts to help dig deeper holes.

What is a Tractor PTO auger?

Tractor PTO augers are those that are used with a tractor. They are commonly referred to as Post Hole Diggers and Earth Augers. This machine enhances the tractor's energy by attaching a PTO shaft to a tractor's PTO drive in order to drill a hole of predetermined size and depth. The gearboxes of these augers come with a shear bolt to protect the gear drive if the machine hits an obstacle.

To finish your lawn chores quickly, choose TimberTuff Tools 43cc Auger with 8" Earth Auger, which comes with a 12" extension and shock absorber. Powered by a 2-stroke engine, this machine helps accomplish your gardening work in quick time. If you want to drill bigger holes in your lawn, then Earthquake 10310 1-OR-2 Person Earth Auger Powerhead will be a perfect pick. It is a specialized tool for building decks, installing fences, and many other outdoor projects.

Sears has diverse range of augers and power tools that help save your precious time by getting the work done quickly. We have categorized these power tools into one-man augers and two-man augers that can drill holes of varying diameters. Our exclusive collection of outdoor equipment is available at great discounts.